So you want a Clear Complexion?

   You may already know what I am a big fan of a clear complexion. At Sky Lounge Skin Care it is my ultimate goal to help every woman that enters my establishment to leave feeling beautiful and confident. I accomplish this by performing facials and chemical peels and through skin care analysis to help […]

Say GoodBye to Unwanted Body Hair FOREVER

Removing unwanted hair from the body has been popular for some time now. You can use wax, electrolysis, razors, creams, gels and other depilatory methods to get rid of your “fur”. There are even have little pads that you can rub on the skin that claim to remove the hair easily and painlessly. Look at […]

My Brazilian Wax Horror Story

  I always said I would never post this story online; I just usually reserve it for in the treatment room while I’m working hard to help a client relax before her first waxing experience. At this point in life I’m not ashamed of the story (anymore), and to be quite truthfully I think it […]

Winter Skin Care Tips

The cold weather has made its debut with a frozen blast….it got cold fast! The crisp air and decrease in humidity during the season change can leave your skin dry, dehydrated and lacking a healthy glow. Here are a few tips to keep your skin looking amazing. 1. Reassess your products. When the weather changes […]

The Art of Brazilian Waxing

  Brazilian waxing or Suzie Snatching (my own verbiage) is essentially complete removal of the hair in the bikini area from the pelvis, labia and anus. Literally clean as a baby’s bottom! Before we go along I would like to add that I have given most of my waxing services a “fun” name just to […]

You’re an Esthe—-what?

When I received my esthetics license in 2008 I was so excited to proclaim my new title. Whenever someone asked me what my line of work was and my response was bold and assertive “I’m an esthetician!”. Then came the confused look and the question “An Esta- what??” From there I would go on and […]